Second Mt. Oyama Hiking

October 23, 2016 - 1 minute read -

Mount Ōyama

  • Elevation: 1,252 m
  • Prominence: 491 m

Source: Wikipedia

Almost everytime I hike a mountain that is more than a thousand meter high, it rains. Hiking while being cold and wet, as bad-ass as it sounds, isn’t very comfortable to do everytime. Lucky for me, this time we had the perfect weather. The sky was so clear that we expected to see Mt. Fuji.

It takes us about 1,440 Yen to go from Ookayama Station to the starting point of Mount Oyama (大山). Our route:

  • Ookayama Station: Tokyu Oimachi Line to Mizonokuchi Station.
  • Mizonokuchi Station: Walk to Musashimizonokuchi Station then Nambu Line to Noborito Station.
  • Noborito Station: Odakyu Line to Isehara Station.
  • Isehara Station: Take the bus to Oyaba Cable.

Mount Oyama is one of the most famous hiking location to Japanese people living in Tokyo, especially for families. There is two trails to the top of the mountain: Men’s trail and Woman’s trail. The Men’s trail is shorter and steeper, while the Women’s trail is longer and easier for the leg.