About me

I am a second year Ph.D. student at the Computer Science Department, Tokyo Institute of Technology. I am a member of Murata Lab working on applications of spectral graph theory in graph learning. Since December 2018, I mainly work with Dr. Takanori Maehara on graph theory with applications to graph neural networks.

My name is Hoang Nguyen-Thai and I publish under the name Hoang NT. I answer to "Hoang", "NT", or "gear".


Currently I am working on the graph/vertex classification problems.


  1. Learning Graph Neural Networks with Noisy Labels. Hoang NT, Jun Jin Choong, and Tsuyoshi Murata, LLD Workshop ICLR 2019. Available on Openreview.


  1. A Simple Proof of the Universality of Invariant/Equivariant Graph Neural Networks. Takanori Maehara and Hoang NT, arXiv 2019. Available on arXiv.
  2. Revisiting Graph Neural Networks: All We Have is Low-Pass Filters. Hoang NT and Takanori Maehara, arXiv 2019. Available on arXiv. Code.

Get in touch

Pick one: [me,hoang]@gearons.org