• Jan 12th: Join WebSoSanh as a Machine Learning Enginner
  • Jan 9th: Start MIT Self-Driving Car Online Course (as 2018’s resolution :blush:)


  • Dec 15th: Hike Mt. Ta Lien Son (3000m, Vietnam)
  • Dec 12th: Onsite Interview at Google Tokyo Office
  • Sep 20th: Graduate with a Master of Engineering degree from Tokyo Tech
  • Aug 19th: MAGE paper presentation at ReLIG, IJCAI-2017, Melbourne, Australia
  • Aug 1st: Master thesis defense
  • Apr 4th: Join CREST-Deep project
  • Feb 3th: Master course mid-term presentation


  • Jun 2nd: BrainNet presentation at NetSci-2016, Seoul, South Korea


  • Oct 2nd: Start master studies as MEXT scholar at Tokyo Tech